Holding On

Holding On

by more than the fingertips
but not much more
holding on
to the way things are
at least
as much as i can make of it
there's the weight
of only knowing yourself
and the world
according to the way
you've shaped them
in order to justify
the way 
you are
or want
to be

then the others
come around
with all their bullshit
of having figured out
the way things are
the others
it's easy to see
the way things are
for them
is the way
they need them to be
so the world makes sense
according to what
they've determined
or need
to be

their multiple choice picks
in the exam
of the way things are
always correct
in fitting the way
the world needs to be
in order for them
to be
what they need
to be
a cruel world
for the victim
while a world
mostly fair
to the hero

and the romantic
choosing the answers
in the pop quiz
that make his world
ignoring the answers
for the cynic
choosing the ones
that confirm things
according to
his cynicism
with them all
seeking confirmation
from you
through persuasion
ignoring the fact
of all their same grades
to convince you
the weight
of their madness
their illusions
of themselves 
and their ways
of the way things are
isn't weight
but their helping hand
extended to you
holding on
by little more
than your fingertips
all the while
holding on
by just one

not fitting the world
as it is
so forming the world
according to them
a bit of madness
we all possess
as we try
holding on
but the weight
of any more madness
in addition to my own
is more weight
than i can stand
for i am already mad
and wanting
to shake
all of its weight
i can stand to lose
rather than add
any more weight
when i'm already
holding on

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