for your own good
put yourself
in time-out
from the crowd
to be the parent
to yourself
that the rest
refuse to be
for themselves

give yourself
a time-out
as a reward
not punishment
for not being
just another
or one of 
the bratty little shits
that have taken over
all our playgrounds

reward yourself
a time-out
away from their
their infectious and parasitic
their symbiotic
and fears

face some corner
and pretend to pout
pretend to be sad
allow them to imagine
it's punishment
so they won't come around
so they won't catch on
to what it really is
a treat
a delight
in not being them
in your quiet corner
for a while

give yourself
a time-out
with a beer and a book
or a joint
and a stroll in the sun
whatever you do
give yourself
a taste
of being yourself

cause tastes
are often acquired
and spoiled milk
doesn't smell
and taste
as bad
once you 
get used to it

so give yourself
that time-out
to savor
how it feels
to be yourself
maybe even
and a little bit
for a while

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