The Answer

The Answer

there were times
and sometimes
still are
when ending it
ending it all
seemed like
the best way out
a quick
viable solution
those frenchmen
with their pipes
and overcoats
seemed to know something

but the older
i get
i think about
that solution less
cause now
things seem to be making
a little more sense

or maybe it's because
no matter what
whether tonight
or in a few decades
the end
i know
will be here
soon enough
either way

if you can get though 
the angst and anxiety 
of your tender years
get through it
with some sanity
and reason
then things might begin
to make a little more sense

the sense is
that things
aren't supposed 
to make much sense
and once
you experience things
long enough
experience things
the way they need 
to be experienced
to come
to that understanding
well, then
the temptation's still
but it's not
what it used to be
once you stop
the uncertainty
between now
and the certainty
of death

if you're having trouble
figuring things out
give it time
hard time
to live through the shame
and disappointment
the failure
and uncertainty
and maybe
it'll get better
it'll start to make some sense
but there's no

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