New Gods & Heroes

New Gods & Heroes

everybody knows
like nietzsche said
god is dead

and then he talked
about his übermensch
who were gonna be
the new and next examples 
i guess
the new gods
gods as men
i guess

but it seems
most men 
won't ever be prepared
for themselves
as gods
it's too hard a task
and maybe just wrong
since men
as our gods
only leaves
other men
as our necessary devils

so maybe
what our supermen
should do
instead of being
our new gods
is create them
create new
updated gods
cause we still need
those gods
especially their devils
to fear and hate
instead of hating
and demonizing
our fellow man
when men as gods
leaves us with
nothing else

its the job
of nietzsche's supermen
to be the ones
not setting examples
as examples
but creating them
in tales
creating new gods
new heroes
new villains
new myths
new morals
in brand new scriptures

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