Billionaire of Words

Billionaire of Words

the billionaire of words
has savings enough
to last a lifetime
but notice
how his checking account
of actions
is always
and forever 
in overdraft

with his carefully crafted image
this con-man
of a billion words
would rather spend the day
a full 16 hours
scamming you for five bucks
than ever spending 
a single hour
of honest labor
earning ten times 
as much

but it makes sense
wasting all that time
on his petty scam
his trifling con
when it's his only skill
and his billions of words
all about himself
are his only currency

in this way
the long
cheap con
make sense
since he's gotta exercise it
good and hard
honing it
whenever he can
for as long as he can
cause otherwise
the skill gets lost
leaving him
with no other way
to survive

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