through neglect
and unconcern
we've suffered
through the pain and agony
of our toes and foot
rotting off
which you'd think
would be enough
to try to prevent
any more suffering
from any more
of the rot
of our own

you'd think that
but we're dumb
and very confused
having grown accustomed
to the suffering
from necrotizing
toes and feet
covering up the rot
and the stink
ignoring it
with thick 
powdered socks
we never remove
out of sight
out of mind

it's easier to ignore
than prevent
the slow 
festering rot
of any more
digits or limbs
so we continue
lying in bed
allowing the other foot
to decompose
while crying
and begging
for a fun size candy bar
for an instance
of temporary relief
a momentary satisfaction
from the tasty
sugary treat
and the satisfaction
of someone
understanding our suffering enough
to want 
to give us
some relief

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