i am a product
of my bloodline
my heritage
my lineage
so all those things
are essential parts
of me

i am a product
of my country
its culture
its history
and heritage
so my country
is an essential
part of me

when nothing else
makes me special
then my country 
must be
even when
like most moms and dads and their children
it's pretty much
like all 
the rest

but it needs to be special
it must be special
as it's ultra-processed product
i gotta believe
i'm the cheesiest
and creamiest
to any other 
boxed or frozen brand
which is what separates
us from them
it's the rationale
for our children
to kill and die
defending our product
as the cheesiest and creamiest
and what gets me 
out of bed
anxious and broke
to crank out 
more and more 
of the world's best
cheesiest product

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