Roads to Nothing

Road to Nothing

like the meandering
roadways to nothing
the roads to something
run in all directions

the swift and efficient
roads to something
with straight lines
and much shorter 
than the others
for their own

she wanted something
so i explained
about the short
straight roads
running in all directions
ready to take her
wherever she wanted
to go

she said
all the different roads
their snaking
and bending
are very confusing
so i explained
how the short
straight roads
are as clearly marked
all along their short ways
as all the other roads
are clearing marked
all along their ways
to nothing

i explained
with the guidance
of all the simple markings 
there was no reason
for fear
of going astray
and not getting
what she said
she wanted

she explained
how she got lost
so horrifying it was
to be so disoriented
that she froze
in her panic
until another
lost soul
came along
to help

she said
it was terror
being so lost
and the stickiness of summer
the frigidity of winter
were unbearable
and the exhaustion
from being lost 
and wandering along
on winding
crisscrossing roads
was more
than she could ever bear

but all that
was a lie
since she'd never taken
more than a few steps
along any road
going anywhere

it's a lie
from other people
who've moved
a lie
she tells everyone
including herself
about the way it must be
since she's never had
the mildest itch 
for going anywhere
anything new
at all

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