having ideas and ideals
made him stink
like the odor
from a diet
of garbage
or carrion
the smell
infusing and saturating
his cells
especially the fat
so the flesh
of the killed animal
is always foul

the filth
and garbage
on which he feasted
its odor
a rancid flavor
to muscle and organs
and flowing through 
his piss
his pores
his oils
his sweat

his ideas and ideals
made him stink
the foul odor
to the other
and vermin
a barely
perceptible odor 
making him attractive
to those of his kind
and a simple target
easily tracible
by scent
to the keen hunters
needing prey

the stink
to those
much unlike him
a signal
of who
and what
not to be
and what to avoid
from saturating the cells
so as not
to become
such easy
and filthy 

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