Pride Before the Fall

Pride Before the Fall

your god
should not
does not 
your politics

if your god
cares about something
as filthy
as your politics
then your god
is awfully
goddamned filthy

if your god
has the same interests
in politics
as you
then perhaps
he's just as fucking stupid
as you are

so you decide

is your god
that filthy
and stupid
or not? 

ought you
show your god
some reverence
and mercifully
leave him out
of our gross
of petulance
and tantrums?

or will you drag
your god
down from olympus
to wallow 
with us
in the vomit
and shit
of our politics?

if i had a god
it would certainly
be displeased
at being given 
a jersey
and being told
"this is your team
oh divine one,
is your game."

if i had
a god
i hope
it would curse me
or strike me down
for being
so goddamned stupid
and arrogant
as to dictate
how it thinks
and feels

i have
no god
but can accept
the metaphorical truths
in the stories
and teachings
of scripture

as such
i might be fearful
of casting
the divine
into a role
of my choosing

i might
be fearful
of the consequence
i might fear
the retribution
from exercising
such hubris

so do not
blame your god
or your enemy
for the coming
of plagues
blame only yourself
and your own

or will you turn
on your false prophets
when the plagues
will you ask
for their heads
for deceiving you
from god's will today
a will that tomorrow
some other prophet
by his
divine revelation
will call
for extreme justice
against those false prophets
who previously
so deviously
deceived you
since it can only be men
not your god
who deceives

it must be
other men
of course
who've deceived
but never you
who've deceived yourself
from your god's

it can never be you
so it needs to be
the deceit
and hubris
of other men
enemies or tomorrow's false prophets
who will forever 
be the reason
for your suffering

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