In the Numbers

In the Numbers

Her luck with men – many men – had been horrible.

Her sister advised her maybe it was time to give up.

But Janice said, “No.”

Her sister said, “If you’re not going to give up, maybe you need to consider what you’re doing wrong, picking loser after loser.”

Janice said, “No. I’m leaving it up to the numbers.”

“So you’re not giving up?”

“It’s in the numbers,” Janice insisted. “It’s going to go right. I refuse to give up. I refuse to quit.”

“I don’t understand. You’re leaving it to luck? To fate?” her sister asked.

“It’s more than luck. It’s the law of numbers. The law of probability.”

“Sounds like luck to me,” her sister said.

“Have you ever gone to the racetrack?” Janice asked. “A horse with the worst odds will eventually place or show. Not in every race, of course. But eventually, in enough races, the worst horse will do well.”

“Okay,” her sister said.

“And if you play poker long enough, you’ll eventually win a hand without even trying. It’s the law of probability,” Janice said.

“Sounds like you’re betting on luck,” her sister said.

“No,” Janice said. “It’s laws. Laws of numbers and probability.”

“Horses and cards?” her sister asked. “Sounds to me like astrology and tarot.”

“No,” Janice said. “With this, it’s all in the numbers.”

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