Sobs & Suffering

The woman wept so long and so loud her suffering could be heard in heaven. She sobbed so long and so loud that her god finally took pity.

“What aches you so?” her god asked.

“I am ugly. So ugly,” she sobbed.

“Yes,” her god acknowledged. “Beauty has not been kind to you. But I can correct your misfortune.”

“How?” she asked.

“I can give you beauty,” he said. “I can do anything.”

“Can you give me eternal ugliness?” she asked. “Please. I beg of you.”

Taken aback, her god asked, “For heaven’s sake, why, my poor child?”

“I am afraid after all these years of weeping there is nothing more to me than my grief.”

“But I love you, child,” her god said. “You can begin anew with beauty.”

“I only know ugliness,” she said. “It is all I know.”

Her god deliberated.

She pleaded, “Please.”

“As you wish,” her god said. “At least I will make you blind to your reflection.”

“Please. No,” she begged. “For what else will I be without every drop of my precious suffering?”

“As you wish,” her god said again. Then he vanished, leaving the homely woman to her sobs and suffering.

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