in my playpen
when baby cries
from fear or loneliness
momma comes
to comfort

in my playpen
when baby cries
from thirst or hunger
momma comes
with the bottle

in my playpen
when baby cries
from the sting
of rash
momma comes
to change the diaper
and talc
my bottom

in my playpen
it doesn't matter
what anything
on the outside
other than momma
really is

in my playpen
i can dream
and fantasize
is anything
i want
or need it to be

it's how i play
and cry
and never grow bored
and never grow old
in my playpen
about what anything
including me
might possibly be
my playpen

it's why
as a grown man
i never leave
my playpen
to understand
from the outside
looking in
i'm a toddler
in its playpen
filled with fantasies
for momma
when my castles
in the air
fail to fulfill
and there's nothing left
but momma's caress
as a brand new fantasy
of what i might be
in my playpen

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