Precious Time

Precious Time

i've heard that time
is a very precious thing

i've heard that time
is a most valuable 

i've heard it said
the most precious gift
you can offer another
is your time
and attention

but my time
has no value
to me
so why should your time
sacrificed to me
have any

you've told me
your deserved
and hard-earned
time away 
from the pressures
of the world
is valuable
to you

so i can't understand
why you choose
to do what you do
instead of waste it
along with me

as i've told you,
there's comfort
an affluence
of pristine comfort
in doing nothing
at all

so why
you reject
the comfort
i offer
in wasting
your "precious" time
in things
that don't involve
just me
is something
i can't help 
but endlessly ponder
as i sit
and wait
and otherwise
in my glorious

and why you choose
with your precious time
to attempt
to draw me
outside my pothole
of a wasted life
seems cruel
when you understand
how goddamned comfortable
things are
without you
trying to change it

it seems cruel
to not devote
some of your precious time
to wasting it 
with me
showing me
you accept
what i accept
as just as good
as anything

in your precious time
i need you to ignore
all the music
laughter and revelry
that exist
outside my space

i need you to ignore them
just as i do
i need you to gladly
all the world offers
in exchange
for me
for just a little

and it shouldn't
amount to much
ignoring the rest
of the world
for an afternoon

in fact,
i know
it's nothing
to ignore the world
for a little while
since i've learned
to ignore it
for a lifetime

so won't you
spend a little
of your precious time
with me
and what little
i have
as friends
that keep me entertained
throughout the days?

won't you come
and be entertained 
by my only friend
for a while
to assure me
i'm still 
with myself
as my best
and only 
once you've

please come
and accept
the amusements
of my only friend
as worthy
of at least
a few moments
of your precious time 
if he's not worthy
of a few moments 
of your precious time
then how can he 
be worthy
of all
of mine?

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