Shiny Bluebird

i was walking
with nobody else around
just me
listening to music
walking among
the cornfields
when i saw
a shiny bluebird
on its house
dancing around 
about me
minding my own business
with nobody else
but us

i thought
about the freedom
of that dancing
how nice it would be
to be him
of all the questions
and uncertainty
that go along
with being us

i felt
Bang a Gong
through my headphones
the version
by T. Rex
not the other one

i walked past
that bluebird
on its house
a bit envious 
of its freedom
then i realized
it'd never 
what i was feeling
from Bang a Gong
or any of the rest
of our songs
or poems

so i let the bluebird
have its freedom
while i walked on past
to the bluebird
"get it on"
and imagining myself
telling that shiny bluebird
"it's okay. 
you got yours
and i 
got mine."

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