Trifles & Trinkets

Trifles & Trinkets

an idiot
can do nothing
but speak
at great length
without pause
about all the things
he knows
confusing wisdom
with all the trinkets
his pockets

trifles and trinkets
of knowledge
and experiences
his pockets
like bits & pieces
of costume jewelry
a shark tooth
a nickel
a whistle
a fishing lure without hooks
a paper clip
a poker chip
a crucifix
a subway token
a money clip
a pinch spoon
a broken zippo
a cufflink
a pull tab from a sardine can
a single die
a piece of hard candy
a shell casing
a button
a bolt
a marble
a bread tie
a vitamin
a bottle cap
an acorn
a keyring without a key
a cork
a knob
a safety pin
a pacifier
a pipe cleaner
a fortune from a cookie
a snail shell
a hair barrette
and a gear
from a broken
pocket watch

while the wise man
though his pockets
are full too
speaking little
to more than himself
and his own trinkets
and trifles

the wiser man
for an exchange
of something better
to carry around
instead of rattling
and jingling
what he already has
for the mere pleasure
of the sound
and the assurance
there aren't 
any holes
in his pockets

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