Headache Game

Headache Game

just before bed
i flip a coin
which determines
if i'll pass
through the night
wide awake
with a headache

is an evening
of pleasant

is the headache
that keeps me awake
and carrying
the pain
inside my throbbing
the day

i'm not forced
into playing
the headache game
it's just more fun
more of a thrill
never knowing
how the night
or tomorrow's
to be

it's less pressure
the headache
to chance

the headache game
gives me reasons
to spend my money
on cures
and diagnoses
for my headaches

the headache game
keeps me an object
and subject
of science

the headache game
gives me places to go
places to be
in resolving
the mystery
of these accursed

the headache game
gives me reasons
for being exasperated
and foul 
in my mood
from sleeplessness
the constant nettling
from the pain
in my head

i'm honests
with my doctors
when i complain
about my headaches
i'm honest
about the headache game
which they assure me
a flip of a coin
is no cause
for a headache

they assure me
with enough tests
and enough pills
sooner or later
we'll get
to the root cause
of all
these headaches
that keep me
so exhausted
so exasperated
so confused 
and pained
in our search
for the 

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