Sweet Melissa

Sweet Melissa

I worked with a girl who didn’t like sweets.  Ironically, her name was Melissa. I know its hard to believe in somebody who doesn’t like sweets. But, whenever there was candy for the holidays or cake for a party, Melissa always passed, saying, “No. I don’t like sweets.” 

I know its hard to believe somebody not liking sweets.  Its even harder to believe all she ever said was she didn’t like sweets.  It’s almost impossible to believe that’s all she ever said instead of, “Thanks, but no thanks. I’m leaving mine for you.”

See, Melissa leaving her slice of cake for somebody else wasn’t a favor. It was simply the consequence of her not liking sweets. Melissa leaving her slice for somebody else required no effort, no sacrifice, no denial. Though her slice of cake had no value to her, it might have had value for somebody else. Still, Melissa never used its worthlessness to her for any personal gain. She never bartered with it overly or covertly. She never passively held a grudge toward the one who got her slice of cake and wasn’t quick or zealous enough in giving her praise for leaving him an extra slice of cake that she never truly wanted. Melissa never confused or conflated generosity with her natural distaste for sweets.

When it came to not liking sweets, Melissa never pretended to be anything more or less than the odd person who didn’t like sweets. I always thought that was very sweet of Melissa.

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