The Weather

The Weather

I wake and turn on the weather to know how my day’s going to go. I watch the weather on one channel for a while. When I get tired of that channel, I turn my television to another channel showing the weather. When I grow bored with watching the weather on TV, I go on my computer and the various sites that detail the weather.

When I grow tired of all that I sometimes watch or read some news. Then I go back to the weather. Before long – before I know it – it’s time for bed.

It’s not just the local weather I pay attention to, though the weather on the local news in the morning, at noon and again at night are my favorites.

No. I keep up with the weather throughout the world.

I had a friend that used to come around. I thought he might be a good friend. I think he was lonely. so I let him come around and listen to me talk about the weather. He’d come around and I’d give him a Dr. Pepper. He said he liked Dr. Pepper. So he’d come over and sit and listen to me talk about the weather while he sipped the Dr. Pepper I gave him. It was nice having someone to talk to about the weather.

It was nice until the day he said he didn’t want to hear anymore about the weather.

That day he told me I needed more of an attachment to things going on outside. I took a bit of offense to that. I got a bit cross, seeing how I’d been a pleasant host to him and there he was, in my home, criticizing what I was doing with my life.

I defended myself by saying I knew way more than him about what’s happening outside because all he knew about the weather was what I told him. I asked if he knew about the day’s weather in Tokyo or London or Jerusalem. Of course, he didn’t.

He said he was through hearing about the weather. He offered instead to go outside with me and feel the sun and the breeze. To look into the clouds and the stars. To feel and smell an August shower. To feel the December snow on my face.

I told him that’s not what I wanted. I told him all I wanted was a friend to listen all about the weather.

He doesn’t come around anymore. I don’t think he was a very good friend. I think it’s selfish he’s left me after I gave him all those Dr. Peppers when he needed a place to escape his loneliness.

It felt good for a while having a friend like him. Oh well. At least I still have the weather.

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