Every week Sal bets 25 bucks on the whole card of underdogs.

On an average night, if there’s 5 fights, his parlay bet of 25 bucks might pay $2500. It might pay more if there’s one or two huge underdogs. It might pay more if he hits his parlay bet on 6 fights instead of just 5.

Of course, it’s a longshot, betting on so many underdogs. But it happened once – 8 years ago. That night, all 6 underdogs on the card won. That was the night Sal decided to start placing his bets.

That was over 8 years ago. Now Sal’s 8 years in the hole making his bets on all the underdogs. Even if he hits big, he’ll never recoup all he’s lost.

But Sal keeps placing his bets. Now he says he don’t care how much he’s lost. He just wants to be the guy that hits it when all the underdogs finally win again. He knows there won’t be many others hitting that bet but him. Sal knows he may be the only one.

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