Craigslist Rants and Raves 9.10.18: Pizza Patriotism

from Cincinnati Craigslist Rants & Raves 9.10.18:


Pizza Hut chooses to follow Papa John’s mistake (Cincinnati) 

Management at Pizza Hut did not understand why Papa John’s no longer is a NFL sponsor. They should look back and see how there sales dropped after being a NFL sponsor. I at one time, was a Papa John’s Customer. Switched to Pizza Hut and is no way I would ever buy a pizza with a NFL logo on it. Join me it letting Pizza Hut know what we think about them being a NFL sponsor. Thank you and have already switched to Dominos. God Bless the USA.

RE: Pizza Hut chooses to follow Papa John’s mistake (The White Voice (aka mrobins71))

I agree about boycotting treacherous Pizza Hut and their scandalous association with the NFL. That’s why I bought a dozen Domino’s pizzas today and set them all on fire. I was gonna do it with a dozen Pizza Hut pizzas but paying all that money to PH just to torch the pizzas only goes to support them, ultimately. But I wanted to make a bigger statement than just coming on here and virtue signalling so I went ahead and bought all those Domino’s pies and set them aflame. My neighbor said I’m an idiot cause it don’t make any sense to set a dozen Domino’s pizzas on fire when I’m really mad at Pizza Hut. But when he came outside wondering what all the smoke was about he was wearing a Nike Bengals jersey so he can’t be trusted anyway.
Here’s a picture of what he looks like so it’s a matter of public record. His name’s Tuck Greisy and I think he might be a communist or homosexual or liberal too cause he walked away mumbling something about how I coulda taken them pizzas to a soup kitchen or homeless shelter. But this is America where hard working patriots earn their pizza. They don’t get it by being lazy bums accepting handout slices.
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mrobins71 accepts/condones the burning of Pizza Hut pizzas only. Not actual Pizza Huts.


2 thoughts on “Craigslist Rants and Raves 9.10.18: Pizza Patriotism

  1. I agree with your stance against pederasty, but understand that Pizzahut is a corporation and their objective is to make money. They do not care what others do with the pizza – eat it, burn it, etc. – so long as they sell it.

    If you want to hurt their bottom line, I suggest expanding your efforts to boycott them by advising others to do the same.

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    1. Actually, I’ll be burning Domino’s pizza in protest of Pizza Hut. If you’ve read closely enough, you’d understand that buying, then burning Pizza Hut only supports their corrupt, anti-American, corporate/globalism by lining their pockets. And since burning something is a far stronger statement than just virtue signaling by buying and consuming somebody else’s product, then I say Domino’s has gotta burn. Better Domino’s getting my hard earned cash than those corporate pigs at Yum Foods.


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