Pimp Costumes & Afro Wigs

Pimp Costumes & Afro Wigs

September came on the jukebox. Me and Lee were both a bit drunk.

“Now that’s some good goddamned roller skating music,” Lee said. “Great fucking song. I ought to go home and get my skates, wide collar shirt and Afro wig.”

“Afro wig?” I asked.

“Yeah,” Lee said. “Got it at WalMart a few Halloweens ago. After Halloween. 50% off. It was like five bucks.”

I asked Lee how he thought Afro wigs fit in with blackface.

Lee said, “Blackface is bullshit. Blackface isn’t good.”

I agreed.

“But here’s the thing,” I said.

I pulled out my phone.

“What?” Lee asked

I typed “pimp costume”, then hit Search. Then I went to Shopping. I showed the results to Lee.

“All sorts of pimp costumes.” I said. “Everywhere. Target. WalMart. Amazon. Isn’t a big thing and less than fifty bucks.”

“Wow,” Lee said.

“And here’s the other one.”

I typed in “afro wig”. Then I hit Search, then Shopping. I showed the results to Lee.

“Afro wigs. Get ’em anywhere. Less than 10 bucks.”

“Wow,” Lee said again. “Afro wigs are everyplace so I assumed they’re okay.”

“But blackface is bullshit,” I said.

“Yeah. It sure is,” Lee said.

I said, “I’m very confused, Lee.”

Lee said, “So am I.”

“I hope we can make sense of things,” I told Lee. “I wanna do what’s right. And this is a really great song.”

“Me too,” Lee said. “But I’m not sure what right is.”

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