The Money

The Money

He said he needed some money. He said he needed it real bad. It wasn’t a miniscule amount of money he needed.

I told him I’d give him the money. I didn’t owe him money. I wasn’t going to loan him the money. I was going to give him the money. I told him to stop by and I’d give it to him.

He asked why I wasn’t gonna drop by his place to give him the money. He said it would be a lot easier since I’m never home because I’m always out earning money.

I said it was a decent enough thing that I was giving him the money he needed. I figured the least he could do was come and get it himself.

He asked me why I was giving him the money.

I said, “Because I care about you.”

He said, “If you care that much, it shouldn’t be too much to ask you to drop by with the money. You know I’ll be here because I never go anywhere. If I come to you, you probably won’t be there. Me coming to you will be more of a hassle for us making the exchange.”

I told him the money would be at my place waiting for him.

He really wanted the money. He wanted the money more than he needed it. What he really needed the most was to believe I cared enough to want to give him the money. And, on top of that, that I cared enough to want to hand it over to him myself. He needed me to give completely. He needed to believe I cared enough to allow him to receive without any conditions whatsoever. He needed me to care enough to not want to inconvenience him in the least, seeing as he was dealing with enough stress as it was with his need for the money.

But I’ve grown wise. I know what marks the difference between wants and needs. I don’t like my money and my time and my sympathies being played with by somebody too foolish to understand the difference between his own trivial wants and manufactured needs.

I’ve grown wise enough to know it’s never about the money. Rather, it’s about giving and receiving. It’s about giving a lot without asking for anything in return. Caring is unconditional giving without any questions or demands.

Yes. I think I’ve learned a few things. And I believe that’s the reason the money he needs is still here.

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