Couple in the Crowd

Couple in the Crowd

Kevin knew the score. All he had to do was call Ally and she’d have her brother arrange the date.

Ally’s profile said she loved live music. So her dates with Kevin always involved live shows. All Kevin needed to do was call for a date. Then Ally would tell her brother. Her brother would sell Kevin premium tickets to a show that week – always 3 premium tickets costing around $350 dollars for face value tickets of about $60 total or even less, depending if her brother knew the owner or staff at the club.

For the price of the show, Kevin got a date, along with Ally’s brother who always tagged along. And after the show, Kevin got his alone time with Ally, with her brother always waiting somewhere patiently in the wings – with all three understanding this broker wasn’t Ally’s real brother.

For his $350 dollars, Kevin got the whole show of a real date and some real romance and tenderness. Kevin was shy and pudgy and he liked it when Ally would flirt with him, pretending to accidently brush his hand. Then, noticing how Kevin didn’t flinch, gently stroking his hand before taking it into her own. He liked the way she put her arm around his waist as they swayed to whatever band they happened to be seeing. He loved the way she made him feel like he was hers. He loved the way she made it seem a woman ten years his junior might be as smitten with him as he was with her. He loved the way he felt special around her, unlike anywhere or with anyone else.

It wasn’t long before all the play had Kevin falling in love – all the tenderness, though false, easily plowing through his lonely fortress of reason. It hadn’t taken Ally long to learn how to play Kevin really well. So it wasn’t long before Kevin decided he wanted Ally all to himself without ever having to pay or arrange for anything again.

So one night out, as Ally stepped away to get drinks, Kevin went up to her brother. He said he wanted Ally for himself. Kevin said he was in love, so he asked what it would take for him to get Ally for good.

“It’ll cost you a lot,” her brother said. “A lot more than 3 or 4 hundred. She means a lot to me. And I mean a lot to her. She isn’t going to leave me just because you got emotions for her. See, and I’m sorry to break this to you, bro, but you’re more like business to her. And I’m more like family.”

“I understand,” Kevin said, “But I think there’s more between us than just business. But the business is getting in the way of the other thing. So I got a plan for getting rid of the business.”

“Shoot on me.”

“How much you want for her? Just give me a number and a guarantee she’ll be all mine.”

“Fifteen grand,” her brother said. “But you can’t just buy her off me like that. Like I said, I’m like family to her, you know?”

“So here’s the plan,” Kevin said. “I give you the 15 grand. You beat the shit out of her for whatever reason. You decide. You beat the shit out of her, call her a cunt and a whore and then she comes running to me. In fact, you send her to me. I save the day, and you promise to never take her back. You promise to leave her entirely to me.”

Her brother smiled, then agreed with a shrug.

“All families have their squabbles,” he said.

They shook hands.

“You really love her, don’t you?” her brother asked.

“More than anything,” Kevin said.

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