Bad Luck

Bad Luck

My uncle always preached if you wanna be healthy then don’t drink or smoke.

My uncle never drank or smoked.

My uncle was obese.

My uncle was diabetic.

My uncle had high blood pressure and his blood was dark and thick as molasses from all the rubbish he ate.

My uncle died a relatively young man. He died from being obese and diabetic and having high blood pressure and blood as thick and dark as molasses.

First, my uncle lost a foot from the diabetes. He explained it as bad luck.

Then he went half-blind from the diabetes. Again, he explained it as bad luck.

He suffered a heart attack. He gave the same explanation.

Then he suffered a stroke. The first one didn’t kill him.

He explained it all with, “Well, bad things happen.”

He had another stroke. The second one killed him.

Until the day he died he swore by the benefits of neither drinking or smoking.

I learned from my uncle. I watch my blood pressure and I don’t eat much red meat. I manage my blood sugar.

I manage for myself what killed my uncle.

My uncle never saw the bigger picture, but I do. I see how he was focused on the wrong things.

But I know what to focus on. I saw what killed my uncle. I saw what he couldn’t see. I’m far more wise than him.

That’s why it’s okay that I smoke and drink so much, cause I got all the stuff that killed him under control.

So now I preach, “Watch your weight and your blood pressure and sugar. Otherwise, it’ll kill you.”

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