Hollow Bunnies

Hollow Bunnies

It was a few days before Easter.

My friend messaged me, “Do you plan on stocking up on candy after Easter?”

He knows how much I love after-holiday bargains on candy, so I replied, “Absolutely.”

I hadn’t heard from this friend in a while. So I realized things shouldn’t be just about me and my stupid habits and idiosyncrasies. So, to be civil, I asked, “How about you?”

He replied, “Only if I find those hollow chocolate bunnies. Somehow the void makes the chocolate taste better.”

I was quick to want to reply, “Those bunnies are usually cheap chocolate. Cheap, waxy, shitty chocolate.”

Then I realized there was no point in raining on his chocolate parade. If he likes those hollow, chocolate bunnies, then fuck it…..let him have and enjoy them. Besides, he reached out to me. That was nice. So why throw any shade on his preference for Easter confections?

I can hope that, with age, I’m getting a little wiser. Maybe wisdom is just being less of an asshole. Maybe that’s wisdom’s expression. Then again, maybe keeping your goddamned trap shut about hollow, chocolate Easter bunnies is absolutely nothing, but it wants to be understood as more. Which, if true, debunks any notion of correlation, in this specific instance, between age and wisdom and keeping quiet about hollow, chocolate Easter bunnies.

Regardless of the shit between age and wisdom, I still want to be less of an asshole.

So instead of replying with the truth about the quality of cheap, hollow, chocolate Easter bunnies, I replied instead, “Good luck. And happy hunting.”

He returned, “You too.”

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